The Ace of Cups Tarot card symbolizes love, harmony, patience, compassion, joy and acceptance. This card is usually believed as the Holy Grail to many people.

The meanings of Ace of Cups are able to show love in almost every situation although love does not necessary mean romance between a guy and woman. The love that this card represents is about peace, forgiveness and showing your real feelings.

If you are not sure what kind of love that you need, then this Tarot card will probably give you an answer as it has an intuition of awakening ability. Be prepared to come across great intuition and emotions when this card is shown.

On the other hand, this is one of the Tarot cards which symbolizes that a relationship may be beginning. When this card appears, there’s a high potential that this relationship may lead to true happiness and love.

Having said that, this card does not represent the final outcome of the situation but just the potential of the result.

Just like when you put your trust and faith in God and him alone, you do not only just focus on the final outcome (though it will result in good ending). Instead you look at the process on how God leads you because that’s the most important thing for you to reaffirm that God loved you in the past, loves you currently and will love you in the future and forever.

Whether your love relationship started out well or not, it looks as though that it’s both you and your partner’s responsibility to keep this relationship going, improve and maintain it. However, there’s only a limit what we humans can do and commit.

There will be a time where we become tired of things we do, tired of things we love and tired of whatever we have. So what happens after that? That is where you know you cannot just depend on yourself anymore because those bad thoughts just come into our lives without ourselves even noticing it.

This is why we need God in our lives to have the strength to carry on loving people and forgiving people.

The Ace of Cups card does not guarantee you happiness, but there’s high possibility that you can gain happiness if you wish to make it happen.

One of the Tarot card meanings for Ace of Cups is also blessing. The blessing may be for our body, emotions, thoughts, actions etc and it’s an endless flow of blessing in your life.

This card also means generosity and emotions. If you are been offered a big cup, you ought to reach out to drink it. This cup not only represents fulfilment on the emotions part but also on spiritual part. If you are thirsty and really need to be refreshed, then you will really want to reach out for it.

This is the time where you give more than you take. You have to experience giving and receiving unconditional love yourself. So remember the important Tarot card meanings for Ace of cups, open your heart before emotions can move you and good things will come.

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