Some Tarot card meanings for the Death card are: change, inevitable, transition and exposure. It is also known as the Lord of Gate of Death or La Mort.

This card will always strike fear to any man on earth. Death is among the most powerful Tarot cards in the deck. Since humans don’t know what will happen to them after death, they fear the unknown.

What many people don’t know is that this card isn’t about death, it’s about transformation. Most people only care about the physical world and don’t know that our spirit will die every time.

When our spirit dies, all things in the physical world don’t seem to go smoothly…that’s one of the main interpretations.

Death’s Tarot Story

After the Fool comes down from the tree that he hangs on, he comes to a vacant field. Surrounded by cold air and wildered trees, he sees a skeleton with a black armor and knows that it is the Death.

The Fool feels desolate and asks the skeleton if he has died. The skeleton says that his old self has indeed died and he has already reborn.

The Fool feels that his words are really true and understand that transformations will allow old self to go away and new things to rise.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of Death

In the Tarot cards, Death means a transformation of spirit. No matter where you believe your soul will go, the soul always lives on. It also shows that nothing will be destroyed and life will continue even if bad things happen. It’s only a transformation and it’s not the end.

Although the Death card can mean physical death in situations like sickness, ageing, accidents etc, it’s not as dramatic as what many have seen in the movies. The Death Tarot card is a transformation or change of spirit from the worldly to the spiritual.

The Tarot card meanings symbolize that one can’t achieve anything if he dwells on the worldly needs. Instead, if he transforms his spirit and depends on his spirit to do things, then he is reborn and greater things await him. This may also mean the light is disguising in darkness.

If you know what great things a spirit transformation can bring, then you’ll welcome death and not dread of it.

Death is often dreaded by many worldly people because they are not willing to change and depend on spiritual to achieve things, they just want to depend on their intelligence, wealth, talents etc.

When the Death Tarot card appears, it may mean that you are heading for huge changes in your life. Many times it tells you to let go of your old dreams, perspectives, attitude, temper, lifestyle, way of doing things etc which you have always been holding on to it tightly.

Death may be considered a sacrifice but it’s all for your own good. Without changing and transforming, how can you improve and achieve greater things?

There are too many occasions that people can’t see their weaknesses, so this card wakes them up and tells them that failure in spiritual will mean failure in physical world.

Many people see the Death card to be very frightening because they thought it’s the end of their life and all things will end but the actual Tarot card meanings defer from this.

That is absolutely untrue because they don’t understand that it’s not their physical life which will come to an end, it’s their old self and old spirit that will come to an end in order to be reborn and begin a new life.

So there’s nothing to afraid, you just need courage to face it but you’ll not be facing it alone. It’s a time for a change, for better things and life to happen, the old has to go.

The Querent may feel empty, sad or lost at this point of time but it’s the time for him to receive great blessings and for his spirit to reborn so that he sees all things differently in the spiritual ways. Death isn’t the end of the world, it’s the resurrection of new born life.

So when this card appears from the deck of Tarot cards, think whether are you still holding on to your own expectations, dreams and plans which have disappointed you.

Let them go because they will not change for the better and they will constantly affect your decisions, emotions and make you feel like there’s no hope in this world.

However, that doesn’t mean you are sacrificing everything because you will only receive greater blessings which you least expected when you begin with a reborn life and spiritual enlightenment.

Be glad if it’s time for your spirit to be reborn because finally you can be relieved of your pain, disappointments, emptiness and sadness.

If you can place your faith in God, you are already reborn. At that moment, mountains are shifted, the dead becomes alive and the impossible turned possible. This is one of the important stuffs you would want to know besides the Tarot card meanings.

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