The Tarot card meanings for Justice include equality, balance, truth and accountability. It’s also known as The Ruler of Balance or La Justice. Justice doesn’t refer to the laws which are used by the physical world, but rather the laws that are invisible in the universe.

The Justice’s Story

The Fool was walking along the path when he came across a old and elder man. The elder man was talking to 2 kids who are arguing and debating over a matter. The elder was actually trying to relax but could not resist to helping the kids out, so he went ahead and see what kind of help they needed.

Only after the elder man listened to what the 2 kids are arguing about, then he understood the whole matter. One of the kids has a bag of toys while the other smaller kid has none. The big kid who has all the toys said that he is big enough and knows very well how to handle those toys while the younger kid claimed that the big kid always spoils the toys.

The 2 kids unable to solve the problem by themselves asked the elder man for some advice. The elder man who has years of experience in life then became the judge and ordered half of the toys to be given to the big kid and the other half bag of the toys to the younger one. The big kid showed an angry face for losing half of the toys while the younger one showed signs of sadness not able to own everything.

Both the kids then walked away with dissatisfaction. However, the Fool thought that the elder man made a very wise decision by splitting the bag of toys into half so that both the kids can each share part of it.

At this moment, the Fool realizes that all the while he has been feeding his worldly needs and neglected his spiritual needs. All he wants was from his own desire and never asked or consult God on what kind of plans God has for him. After the realization, the Fool saw a new perspective and continued with his journey.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The Justice

The Justice said that there will be a cause and effect for every thing or action you do. The cause and effect doesn’t mean retribution or it’s equal terms. For example if you did something wrong and feel that something bad will happen, it will actually become true and happen. This is because that’s how the spiritual world works, this is the principles of the spiritual world.

Once you have been charged by Satan, you felt that you have been charged and then the rules of the Satan will curse upon you. However, many people in this world doesn’t know the spiritual world. They only believe in Karma and think that what goes around will come around. And because of that, people are always cautious in what they do.

The Justice is about fairness and people thought that they ought to answer for their actions. But the truth is, Jesus has already died for your sins and freed you from the curse of the Satan.

This Justice Tarot card tells the Querent he cannot sit down and wait for money to appear in front of him without working. <Proverbs 10:5> He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son.

The card also advices the Querent to bring his spirit, emotions, thoughts, inspirations etc back to equilibrium. It may also mean the Querent may be involved in court case, legal complications, business adjustments etc and it will be a fair hearing.

Justice may seem to be following the hard rules but yet he is fair and kind. You only get what you deserve and not what you want or expect.

When the Justice card appears, it’s something like a reminder of what you have done in the past. If you did something wrong in the past, then someday you have to answer for what you have done. On the other hand if you have done a good deed in the past, then perhaps you’ll be rewarded.

One thing many people misunderstood is that the Justice card is not about punishment, good and right things or bad and wrong things. It’s about adjusting to the situation that you have to face and that does not necessary mean it’s undesirable.

However, Jesus is there to shield us from our sins, our wrong doings and failures when we are willing to turn to him. The above are just some of the main Tarot card meanings which you may find it a good reference for this particular card.

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