Lotus Tarot is a website that provides accurate and free tarot card reading but the limitation is that it only exposes you to one kind of deck and 3 types of spreads. The good thing about them is that you are able to save your own tarot readings in their database after it’s completed.

There are many people who are interested in these kind of readings but it’s often too costly just for one session. Moreover, there are a lot of professional readers around and it’s tough to know who are the better and more accurate ones.

If you are looking for a cheap or free interpretation, then an online free reader like Lotus Tarot may be a great alternative. Although online Tarot reading may not be as customized and accurate as a professional reader, it can serve well in terms of good information, fun and entertainment.

Lotus Tarot by Alison Day

So who is Alison Day? She was only 16 years old when she had her readings for the first time. It was actually her good friend who was first interested in Tarot cards and introduced them to Alison.

Alison took interest in it after she had tried it herself. She then discovered that the cards are able to help her with guidance and answers when she is confused and filled with problems.

Since then, Alison has bonded a close relationship with Tarot cards and her ability to understand the meanings become greater when she mediated.

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Alison Day believes that Tarot is not fortune telling at all, which many people thought it to be. In fact, it’s just a form of guidance, fun and reference.

Many people come to seek advice and guidance from the cards when they are in situation of fear, confusion and directionless. At these times, the cards can show them some insights, comfort and calmness.

Alison advised that you should not get emotional with the cards though a Tarot card reading should be treated with responsibility and respect. It can be ineffective when you do more than once per day, so it’s always the first reading which is the more accurate one.

What is Lotus Tarot All About?

Lotus Tarot is developed by Alison Day. She wrote the card meanings and the free readings are available for registered users. But if you do not want to register for a free account, it’s possible too.

Although they provide both free and paid readings, the advantage with registering a free account with them is that you can have access to 2 additional free spreads, save your Tarot readings in their database system so you can look them up anytime you want and also receive their renowned Lotus Mail weekly newsletter.

What’s special about Lotus Tarot is that it allows you to control the number of times on the shuffling of cards which is claimed to be more accurate. This is in fact something that most online free readers do not have.

After the cards are shuffled, they are faced down and you can choose the cards that you want. Then you click on the 6 cards you want with the provided layout. This is considered quite interactive because most of the Tarot card readings online will choose cards randomly for you without giving you an option to choose yourself.

What Are The Free Tarot Spreads Provided?

The only downside with this free reading by Lotus Tarot is that there are only 2 layouts that you can deal with when you create a free account. One is a 3 card Tarotrhythm spread and another is a 6 card spread.

The 3 card spread from the whole Tarot is designed to be used for only one time per day and it tells you about your current mental, physical and emotions state. Again, it’s something useful but not to be taken too seriously.

The universal 6 card layout is only from Major Arcana and it’s a good guide to see how things are working for you currently. The spread can also answer some questions like your fears at the moment, what’s against you, what’s going right for you etc.

There’s also a short quiz called “What’s Your Court Card”. It’s designed to inject some value and fun compared to other types of readings. The cards can represent your personality, events, people etc and it will be used to determine the one who received the interpretation.

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After you have signed up for the free account, you will notice there are a total of 24 spreads offered by Lotus Tarot. However there are only 3 layouts which are mentioned above that are accessible while the rest of 21 spreads are available in membership area.

Are The Online Readings By Lotus Tarot Recommended?

Lotus Tarot is one of the websites and services which are highly recommended by people who have tried and used them. Alison Day herself is a professional Tarot reader with intuitive ability who is qualified to interpret the cards.

There are many online Tarot card readings which are out there to make money and don’t provide accurate information. But Alison is someone who is trusted by thousands of people as she offers honest, accurate and genuine interpretations.

Besides that, the website offers a 12 week free Tarot e-course, articles, discussion forum, card interpretations and many other more useful information which anyone can benefit from it.

So take action right now by signing up for a FREE Lotus Tarot account here and you are ready to start your online reading!