Some of the Tarot card meanings for Chariot are motion, balance, control, skill and determination. He is also known as Lord of Triumph of Light or Le Chariot. This card symbolizes water element, control, force and deals a lot with emotions.

Out of so many Tarot cards, the Chariot is able to make use of emotions to control what he wants deep down the heart and use them for meaningful purposes. He comes after the Lovers Tarot card.

The Chariot’s Story

The Fool steps closer to what he wants to achieve but now some enemies are stopping him. He is confused, losing momentum and struggling. He ponders hard on how to win the enemies and carry on with the journey.

The Fool comes across the Chariot at this time. Besides praising the Chariot as a triumphant warrior, the Fool asks for some advice on the methods to defeat the enemies.

The Chariot then points to the sea and asks whether the Fool has trapped in a sea tide before. When you swim against the strong tide, you can’t go to anywhere safe. But if you swim against the direction of the tide, it will pull you back.

No matter how good you are as a swimmer, you will tire out while the tide doesn’t. When this happens, you’ll drown. So how to win the tide? You have to swim to the shore in parallel before coming up slowly. Just like fighting the enemies, you have to use the steeds to control the direction of the wheels correctly.

After listening to the Chariot, the Fool gets the idea and inspiration on how to win his battle. Before the Fool sets off to continue his journey, the Chariot gives him another advice.

He tells the Fool that he needs total confidence in order to win the war and victory is just the beginning, not the end.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The Chariot

2 sphinxes or horses of different colors pulls the Chariot and without controlling it, the horses will run wild just like our emotions. On the other hand, without the horses, the Chariot can’t move just like we can’t work well if we don’t have emotions in us. So we need take control and balance it.

The meanings for Chariot are not the easiest to understand of all the Tarot cards. It can mean struggle, war and victory over the inner you, enemies or obstacles. The horses must run in the same direction with your control.

If you don’t have control over your needs, wants and emotions, then you can’t get them to move in the same direction.

At the same time, motivation and confidence is required as well to get things moving in the same direction. This Tarot card can also mean new ideas and inspirations to get you to move on if you encounter arduous and challenging situations.

The Chariot can always control his emotions and very well, that’s why situations can be changed easily. In order to achieve our goals faster, we need to learn how to control our emotions well.

When the Chariot appears from the Tarot cards, it often tells you to put efforts in controlling your emotions rather than wasting time and energy to complain and grieve over certain things.

Fear is something very negative and it can only weaken you unless you are able to face it and turn it into something constructive which can help you. If you can reach the stage of manipulating your emotions, then you can do almost anything!

Once you surpass your fears, you surpass the restrictions in you and that’s when all success comes knocking on your door.

The Chariot only can win if it attacks from the side and not head to head. It symbolizes faith and loyalty, believe in your will and passions and it will lead you to victory no matter what the odds are.

If the Chariot stands for the Querent, he should always remember to save his energy for more things to come and victory is just the beginning.

Don’t be distracted by anything that tries to pull you away from your goals. Believe in God first, then your ability and wisdom will come to help you fight the battle. This is one of the most important Tarot interpretations for the Chariot.

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