The Emperor is also known as Chief Among the Mighty or L’Empereur and the Tarot card meanings for him are rulership, leadership, authority and power.

He is the ruler who represents the power to change and shape the structured world. He does not depend on will to change the world but rather on written and spoken word. He is the father figure out of the Tarot cards.

The Emperor’s Story

The tools were given to the Fool by the Magician, and then the High Priestess gave him some help. He learned how to use them and knew what to do with them when he met the Empress. So how does he manage it?

The Fool is impressed by the Emperor on how well he runs his empire and asks him he manages to do it. The Emperor then explains to the Fool that not only he must be patient, creative and instinctive, but he also has to possess braveness, alertness and be dynamic.

Be the leader and not the one to be led. With those words in mind, the Fool continues his long journey with determination and purpose.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The Emperor

The Emperor is actually quite different from the Empress Tarot. One is archetype Mother and the other archetype Father.

Unlike the Empress with a gracious heart, the Emperor has a forceful and strong heart. He demonstrates that with his strict rules and regulations like many fathers will implement.

At times, he can also be impatient, aggressive, demanding and oppressive. All these qualities symbolize a leader, who many wish to learn and follow. Though he sits on the stone throne with rules, regulations and intelligence, it could make him unhappy and gloomy due to the huge responsibilities that he has the carry.

The Tarot card meanings between Empress and Emperor also defer in terms of protectiveness. Although the Empress may be very protective of her creations, the Emperor can be more than her but in another way.

He is protective because he has dismissed chaos from good orders and he wants to maintain it. He wears the royal robes but what’s hidden underneath is the protective armor suit that he’s proud of.

We can learn much stuff from the Emperor, one of them is that rules are not created for nothing. They are there to keep things in order and to protect others. Without the rules and regulations, there will be war in this world and many things will go out of control.

Though in the modern times, we know that pivotal figures like the government can be corrupted, but there’s no chance for this to happen to the Emperor. He is the powerful King who builds a great empire in the world and when we can understand this, the rules don’t seem as restrictive as what we think it to be.

The Emperor stands firm with his own decisions. He will try to listen to opinions from other people but in the end he has the final say. If there’s a need to go into war in order to protect the ones he loves, he will not hesitate to rage a war and use violence.

People who are protected by him always pay him back with respect and loyalty. He is the wise Emperor but he is not only concern about the nation’s warfare.

He is a role model, a father who gives advices and points people to direction. He wants to pass down what he has experienced and learned, so that the newer generation can be as intellectual and powerful as him.

In the Tarot cards, the Emperor is the manifestation of energy which often influences people. There are many leaders who can be influential as well, but he is a regulator, father and leader who set great examples and actions. He is more of everything when he’s around.

When you need to make important decisions, the Emperor’s energy will give you the focus and strength. When the Emperor shows something in you, enjoy the confidence and take control. Go ahead and master yourself as you know what’s the best for yourself.

So the Emperor Tarot card is for the one to control situations. It means that you’ll be able to control your temper, your career, your love relationships, your life, your body and others. Don’t be controlled by others.

If the Emperor card stands for the Querent, then he may want to observe about their leader whether is he demanding, unhappy etc.

When the Emperor appears, the Tarot card meanings is suggesting the Querent to be brave, aggressive and decisive in doing things and the Emperor can be in the form of a government, King, father or leader.

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