The Tarot meanings for The Empress are: assurance, promise, fertility, grace and love. She is also known as the Daughter of Might Ones or the L’Imperatrice. The Empress from the Tarot decks symbolizes the resourceful spiritual teachings and dualistic departure from the 3 Major Arcana.

The Empress’s Story

The journey continues as the Fool goes forward. He meets the Empress who is wearing a white gown with pomegranates, crown of stars and a hair color that is golden like the wheat. She is sitting on the throne, surrounded by a flourishing garden with full of grains.

The Fool kneels down in front of the Empress and she gives him an advice with a smile. In the advice, she mentions that in order to grow something, a lot of patience and constant nurturing is essential because a brand new life, creation or love is frail.

After the advice, the Fool comes to understand that Rome was not built overnight, thus more time is needed to create and shape his future. Then he continues with his journey.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The Empress

The Empress is in a world of perfect and beautiful place. She is a creator of life, art, romance or even places. She is as beautiful as the flowers, as fertile as the soil and she does not only live in the magnificent place but she is the place.

The High Priestess Tarot provides secrets and ideas, the Magician makes ideas become real while the Empress is the goddess of love as she is symbolized by the sign Venus. She is the abundance of life, giver of senses and earthly gifts.

She has the power of creation in the deck of Tarot cards. Though given that kind of power, she does not create a world for her and her lover to live in, a world that she can enjoy in but a world that is limitless and full of abundance.

The Tarot meaning of The Empress represents mother archetype and creator of life, so she’s always associated with frightening task of pregnancy, fertility and motherhood. She always takes things in her stride with a smiley face. Her own natural creations are something that bring pleasures to her.

Representing motherhood is the type of unconditional love and it’s something the Empress represents as well. She loves everything equally without any bias, condition or request. Having said that, there’s a little weakness in her which is over- protectiveness.

She protects all her creations so that the happiness won’t be disturbed. However, no one would always want to be protected like a baby, there’s a time where you want get out of your mother’s arms.

You should accept her unconditional love if the Empress appears. When you are able to open up to her love, you can become more elegant, gentle and gracious like her.

The qualities usually come in handy in the world of inequality. The Empress can be seen like a leader and inspire others as she has the power that is firm and loving.

The card meanings of the Empress are quite easy to read. She is a Mother with generosity, love, patience and good sense.

If she stands for the Querent, then she is like mother who is concerned about the children’s future, business, career, new creation etc. If it’s defined as some other person related to Querent, then it might be a woman who is motherly.

She may not know when to let go as she is possessive, and be jealous when someone else takes away her important person. It’s necessary to know that fishes can die from over-feeding as well as starving.

All things will take time to grow and time will prove it all. Most importantly, the meanings of the Empress state that the Querent has to be patient, make efforts to take the first steps and be willing to pay close attention if they wish their new creation, business, romance, family or career to grow to the level that they want.

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