Some Tarot card meanings for The Hermit are wisdom, solitude, humility and peace. He is also known as the Prophet of Eternal or L’hermite. When there are a lot of doubts and struggles, you can’t find answers in this physical world. You can only find answers inside you.

The Hermit is one of the Tarot cards that seeks for answers alone as physical light of the lamp is never forever. Without the guidance of others, the Hermit has to listen to his own inner voice and learn to depend on that. He comes after The Strength Tarot.

The Hermit’s Story

The Fool thinks that he needs to rest for a while after the long war, failing, loving, building and succeeding. So he hides an old house in the woods and starts to think and organize. He only carries a lantern and a staff when he travels on every night.

After walking with the lantern from night till dawn, he realizes that he has missed a lot of things in his life and in the world. It seems like some parts of him have awakened and it never felt like this before.

So he becomes the Fool like what he is in the past again. He follows the path where he is inspired and carries his staff with the pack.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The Hermit

In order to obtain true wisdom, small or big distractions should be avoided as they can affect the inner voice. Although controlling the inner self is the right direction, it’s not enough and it’s needed to get rid of the outer self.

The Hermit’s path is to isolate himself from the world and wait for the light to shine on him.

The main Tarot card meanings for the Hermit are about solitude and peace. There may be discontentment, frustration and loneliness during this period when he sits down alone to think and organize. But this will lead to understanding, direction and enlightenment.

The Hermit is a wise teacher, friend and a person. When he himself has seen the light and gained true wisdom, he will pick up his lamp and help the others who are in the physical world to see their own light.

For example, it’s always the right way to learn how to fish rather than to be fed with the fish. Likewise, a teacher may teach a student how to find true wisdom but he can’t find the wisdom for the student and the student can’t find wisdom just by listening to the teacher.

The student has to find true wisdom by himself and enlightenment comes from the inside if he really seeks for the answer. In any way, the Hermit shines a light on something which seems stagnant and unknown and this can definitely help the Querant to seek what they are looking for.

When The Hermit appears from the Tarot cards, it encourages you to put the worldly problems aside first. Many things cannot be forced or rushed until it’s time for them to take place.

You can learn more about the nature and yourself at this point of time and you’ll discover what your inner self can do.

In most circumstances, a spiritual transformation will change every situation. If you have a problem that you can’t solve or something in you that you cannot change, it will remain there if there’s no change in your spirit.

All may seem impossible but a change in your spirit will lead to a turning point of your life.

The Tarot card meanings show that the Hermit is not being restricted, he is always on the move searching and gathering information. It may indicate that a mentor may be nearing you.

However, he is not there to teach you and stuff you with information. He is there to tell you how to look for the answers that you are seeking for.

If you are the mentor which the Hermit picks out, then you do not preach and spoon-feed your student. Instead, you will guide him along and show him how to find wisdom himself.

When you are in trouble yourself, you have to understand that all wisdom is already inside you waiting to be unleashed.

When it comes to the day that you have the answers, you can see that you have the wisdom all along, it’s just that you never seek for God and never believe in it. For example, an artist will go into a hideout as the quiet time will allow him to get his masterpiece done.

So if you are troubled at any day without any solutions, go to sleep and you may see a brand new light when you wake up in the next morning. One of the main Tarot card meanings for Hermit is that you have some wisdom in you that you have not yet discovered or utilized.

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