The Tarot card meanings for the Hierophant are: respect, knowledge, holy and wisdom amd he’s also known as the Magnus of Eternal or the Pope.

He is the archetype of spirituality and often known as the holy man. Of all the Tarot decks,  this one does focus on the spiritual and religious aspects of beliefs. The Hierophant is someone who has secret or hidden knowledge even though he’s the Pope in some of the decks.

The Hierophant’s Story

Suddenly fear comes into the Fool even after he has decided what to do and how to do with his future. He fears that everything he has will be lost, vanished and destroyed. He fears that the things he have done may not be enough and he may suffer from it.

So the Fool goes to a holy ground in panic and locates the Hierophant. The Fool kneels down in front of the Hierophant, reveals the fears he have and then asks him for some advices and teachings.

The Hierophant gives the Fool an advice which consists of 2 ways. The first way is to put down the fear. Be ready to give up the thing which he is afraid to lose, so it wouldn’t have any controls over the Fool anymore. Just look at what is still available and enjoy that.

The second way is to receive the results with an open heart. Even if the Fool lost everything that he has or everything he had built, the knowledge and experience he gained is precious and these will not be lost, it will be forever with him. After the advice from the Hierophant, the Fool felt relieved and continue to face the journey again.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The Hierophant

Unlike the High Priestess who deals with the realms, the Hierophant deals with the problems in the world. His job is to deal with spiritual world, create peace and harmony. He comes after the Emperor Tarot.

The Hierophant often represents groups instead of just a person and he’s better at that. He believes that a group or institution can do bigger and better things rather than doing it individually. Many people who can do good outweigh a person who can do the same thing.

The Hierophant is also mentor or teacher on a personal level. He is a spiritual leader who teaches others the ways of his beliefs and would want them to join him. He is the suitable candidate to teach others because he holds the secrets and conventional beliefs.

One problem that lies with the Hierophant is that he is sometimes biased and stubborn. Although he is very smart, he is also very tradition which many people may not like. Many readers may not like him or does not think he is a positive sign because he’s dull, stubborn and unreasonable at times.

If the Hierophant appears from the Tarot cards, the person is most likely a counsellor, teacher, advisor etc. The person may be old, down to earth and always offer some sort of dull advice.

The meanings of the Tarot on the other hand may also represent an unpleasant teacher who the Querent will deal with. The teacher who always follows the text book, inflexible or long-faced person who always want to keep things traditional and old fashioned.

If the Hierophant stands for the Querent, it means that the former might warn you from being too straightforward, stubborn and dull, in terms of ethics and social matters. Therefore, he will remind the Querent to be a better and caring advisor.

When things aren’t going smoothly or as planned, then the Hierophant comes in and gives some practical and useful advice. More importantly, he is able to calm the Querent down.

If you currently require more experience which you may not possess, then have an open heart and seek for a mentor or teacher. However, don’t openly and actively seek for the mentor because the mentor will automatically appear when you are ready for it.

This Tarot card does not give an answer with a mystery. It tells you that the solution exists and though it’s not going to be quick and easy, it’s achievable and you just have to do it.

When an idea does not work out, perhaps it’s time to change to a new one even you do things using the traditional methods.

Simply put, a great Hierophant sasy that he stands firm in his beliefs but will be flexible in changing situations and doesn’t follow them blindly.

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