The High Priestess is also known as the Priestess of Silver Star or La Papess. The B means Boaz, which signifies denial and and J means Jachin, which signifies the beginning.

The High Priestess’s Story

The journey continues and the Fool met a woman who looks very capable and powerful. The High Priestess amazed the Fool as she seems to know almost everything about the Fool.

The Fool then took out all the 4 tools that he got and showed them to her. As the Fool didn’t know what to do or how he should use those tools, he looked to the High Priestess and hoped to gain some bright advice from her.

On his request, the High Priestess did not tell him anything but just gave him another tool, which is supposing to help him make his decision.

After reading the book that she gave him, the Fool finally knows what he wants to do and where he wants to go. He went on his way straightaway even though he thought that there’s more to learn from the High Priestess.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The High Priestess

The High Priestess has so much power, ability and she the source of power used by the Magician. She is also the unlimited potential which allows the Magician to create and destroy whatever he desires.

While it’s not very possible to learn all the secrets and mysteries from her, the High Priestess is the path for those of you who desire to uncover the true powers that are hidden inside you.

The powers are almost the same as the Magician. The only difference is that the Magician focuses on distributing his powers outward to make a meaningful world while the High Priestess can also get those powers to transform and improve the inner side of ourselves.

The Tarot meanings of High Priestess symbolizes strength, mystery, powers, instuition, secrets and knowledge. She has cabalistic information which she might reveal to you or might not reveal to you. It all depends on whether she is willing to reveal to you the secrets that you are seeking for, which many times may be about love relationships, career, family or friends.

If the reader thinks that the High Priestess stands for Querent, then the Querent may spend time reading ancient religious texts or letters and things may be revealed to him. The secrets may come in the form of instincts, visions and dreams etc.

If it’s standing for other people instead of Querent, then the High Priestess is often understood as astrologer, nun or unpredictable walking library.

If you need to make an important decision and the High Priestess show up, there’s likelihood that she’ll reveal the secrets to you provided you are patient enough to wait and listen to the messages inside you.

The High Priestess is also a sign of Shadow, which means there is some negativity in your which no one notices. The negativity does not mean evil inside you, it just means the negative part of your personality.

If you are brave to accept the shadow or negation inside you, then she’ll offer the powers for you to use if you want to use. The Priestess can encourage in a situation of passivity since the negation side is more passive than the positivity.

Of so many Tarot cards and decks, High Priestess is more about ideas and knowledge. Maybe the Querent wants to start a business or decide to buy a house. So how does he know what kind of business he want to start? If he starts a franchise business, which one should he choose? How does he find out exactly how and where to start?

If he wants to get a house, which location should he be looking at? Should it be near his workplace or somewhere which the environment is friendly? So if the Querent knows more secrets and knowledge, then he’ll be able to convert the idea into actions.

So that’s the High Priestess role, to provide knowledge and secrets so that the Querent knows what to do. She is the one between pillars of light, dark, positivity and negativity and she knows every secret.

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