The Moon is also known as the Child of Sons of Mighty or La Lune. The moon does not emit the moonlight on its own, it just reflect light from the Sun. During a moonlight, things can become a nightmare but they can also be calm during the day.

The Moon’s Story

The Fool continues to travel and the light of the Moon brightens up the walkway that he is walking on. When he is walking the path, it does not seem like he is with his own self. Then suddenly when he becomes awaken, he realizes that he comes to a place which he didn’t come before. To his surprise, he saw something which he couldn’t explain.

This is a place of unknown but somehow it’s a place that the Fool is looking for.  It is a land which scares him as there are sounds of wild animals and the sounds of those creatures running around.

As the Fool tries to escape from the land and keep walking, he now comes to a mountain with some water flowing. He is thirsty and he scoops up some water to quench his thirst. After refreshing himself with the water, he continues walking and found that the water leads to the sea.

At that moment, he realizes that he does not have any much choices left except for the small ship that was in the sea.

It’s either he gets himself onto the ship and try to escape or he stays on that dangerous land filled with different animals and creatures. But no matter which way he chooses or what choice he makes, the moon is always up there to lit up the sky and open a path for him.

The Fool gets to the small ship and starts to row off. As he rows the ship, the moon lights up his path and boat flows with the water.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The Moon

The Moon Tarot card does not have any humans with only animals in it. The image on the card shows a dog and wolf. One is a tamed animal while the other one is wild and both howls at the Moon.

Although the moonlight shines equally on people, you will still be affected by illusions in this world and society. When the moonlight reaches you, what you will see depends on what kind of person you are and not really what you have seen.

The meanings for the Moon is about creativity, illusions, poetry and brightness. It can be a sleep with nightmares or beautiful dreams. When the Querent gets this card, it may be a warning sign that there may be some illusion or tricks somewhere. However this card may also mean creativity, almighty magic or intuition.

The Querent must take note that they may go through some mental or emotional trials if they have some mental breakdowns in the past. So medication must be taken on schedule. Things that will cause mental damage to them must be avoided. Having said that, this is also a time where visions, creativity etc can be explored.

Under the Major Arcana, the Moon is the last barrier which you have to get pass. Without sunlight as a guide, you do not know which is the right path in the extreme darkness.

You have to walk this journey in dark surroundings without compass or map. However, if you rely on your inner self through God to find the path, the light will not go off in spiritual and will keep on shining.

This card may be scary as it shows dark magic and madness. It may mean that you are traveling a path which you don’t know where it’s leading. It may also mean you already lost your way and are struggling in darkness.

The Moon is a Tarot card which shows intuition, creativity and forces you can’t see. You may be able to learn some lessons about how you do things and how you think through a free online Tarot reading. Although the meaning of this card is to let yourself be guided by intuition, it’s never easy to do it alone without any help. Moreover, this is a world of spiritual battle between the light and the dark forces.

Be wary of dark magic and illusions, because it’s created to deceive you. Nothing can lead or guide you to the path of light except Jesus.

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