The Star is also known as The Dweller Between Waters or L’Etoile. The Star always appears before you and makes you see that you actually didn’t really lose anything when you seem to lose hope. The Star will light up, guide and lead you when you can’t really see the path in front of you.

When comparing the light of the Star to the lightning that strike the Tower, it’s a hell of a difference.  The lightening of the Tower is destroying whereas the light of the Star is a gentle, soft and comforting glow that will help you find your way back.

The Star’s Story

The Fool sits on on an empty and cold land and he thinks that he has nothing left but loneliness. He will want to find his own spiritual journey but seems like all hopes are lost at that moment.

While the Fool looks at the sky and ponders over his spiritual matters, he saw a girl in front of a pool of water. The girl was gazing the pool and the sky, doing some actions which puzzled the Fool.

Looking puzzled, the Fool walks over and asks what the girl is is doing. The girl looks at him kindly and tells him that she is actually pouring the water back to the pool. This is to help quench the thirst of others who are passing by and making the natural greeneries even more colorful and attractive.

The girl knows the Fool is sad and tells him that he has not lost everything as he still has hope, experience and knowledge with him. After the encouragement, the girl suddenly becomes bright with light. She brightens, rises up to the sky and becomes a glowing star.

Though the girl has become a star in the sky, there seems to be a voice coming from the sky telling the Fool to be hopeful and not be easily discouraged by the things around him. It was a very special night for the Fool as this is the first time a light is guiding him in darkness. With that, he begins to believe in himself again and the voice has healed his sadness.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The Star

The Star Tarot card is about faith and powers. You’ll need faith to rebuild your confidence after the Tower gets rid of your negativity. Faith is a belief either in God or in yourself.

Having faith in yourself means you believe you can do anything all by yourself and when you do achieve success. There’s a high possibility that you will think highly of yourself and when failure takes place, you might not be able to take the failure. When that happens, the faith and hope in you will diminish even more that you may not be able to stand up again.

Whereas having faith in God will be something like the Star lighting up your path. Instead of just depending on yourself, you depend on him to do things in your life.  Be it success or failure, you know that you will not stray. When bad things seem to come after you, you know everything has a reason and he’ll be there for you, so you have absolutely no reason to be afraid of anything.

There are some other Tarot cards which may be more encouraging and positive than the Star. But since it appears, it will give you inspiration and hope. When it seems like you are in the darkness of your life, the Star tells you that you have the freedom and there’s no need to worry so much. Just put your trust, vision and faith in the correct place and you’ll see unexpected good things happen to you.

The Star card is one of the cards that many people love. The Tarot card meanings are simply peace, hope and harmony. Although this card means a future, hope or healing, the reader have to know that the effects may not be immediate and may take some time.

For example, you do not expect a person to be fully healed in one day when he suffers from some long term illness. In short, you don’t expect to see the final solution immediately, what’s more important is that you can see the leading in the process.

When everything seems hopeless, miracles will happen when your emotions and spirit change for the better. Do not get emotionally affected by problems because problems will not go away when you are still in the state of low, distress, self-pity, disbelief mind.

God gives us hope and strength to continue and he heals us. When we humble down and seek for him, this is where our spirit changes and miracles happen right before your eyes.

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