Strength is also known as Daughter of Flaming Sword or La Force and some of the Tarot card meanings for it are compassion, balance, patience and courage. This card is often misunderstood as the strength of the physical body which is not true. Instead, it’s about beliefs, ideas and creativity in the Tarot card decks.

Strength is not just about how much weight you can carry or how strong you are but rather the ability to control your emotions, shape your character and rise above fears and greed. This is what the Tarot card is about.

The Strength’s Story

The Fool becomes somewhat hostile, aggressive, arrogant and overpowering after he defeats his enemies. The kind of dominating passion comes into him and he has a hard time controlling it.

At this point of time, he hears a maiden trying to tame her lion. With the intention to help her, he runs over only to see the maiden tames the lion gently. The Fool is shocked and amazed that the maiden can shut the mouth of the fierce and impetuous lion with using brute force.

Then the Fool asks how the maiden is able to do that. The maiden explains to him that it’s not the brute force that will solve everything, in fact it’s the willpower. While it is not incorrect to have strong impulses inside us, it’s never good to let those take control of us.

We are not like beasts that don’t have a spirit, we’re humans and we have spirit. So we need to control the energy and passive for better constructive uses. After taking the advice from the maiden, the Fool feels enlightened and walks away.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of Strength

This Strength card shows that we have to first control our emotions and then go beyond that. Patience and courage are some of the main Tarot meanings and qualities for this card. Though they are not pure emotions, carrying them out in action is determination and is not affected by feelings.

Everyone has an inner rage inside us which have to be controlled, if not it will be scary when it’s released freely in the world. Just like the maiden who is trying to tame the lion in this card, she shows patience, energy and courage and is not be afraid of the lion.

Before she can execute her willpower onto the lion, she must wait for the lion to tire itself out first. This is neither care nor forgiveness which can tame the lion. It’s purely her inner self that she tries to control.

She needs the courage before she can even try to tame the lion. Then patience is needed because she has to constantly apply pressure to the lion without brute force until it submits to her. Therefore, the Strength card is not just about love and kindness, but rather a kind of power which comes from the spirit.

This is one of the Tarot cards that tell the Querent that he can control himself and not just the situation. It’s about anger management, energy, courage and the patience to follow things through.

You have to understand that the Strength’s qualities are already inside you and after you can manage your emotions well, it will appear. It will not only help you in physical but more importantly in the spiritual self.

Emotions are not easy to control unless it’s done with the right mindset and determination. If any instincts and spiritual wisdom is to appear, the first thing you have to do is surpass your emotions.

Conquer the greed, fears, and impulses in you and always continue to be patient in whatever things you do. With that, wisdom will slowly come and bring you to victory.

The Tarot card meanings of Strength let you that you haveto be courageous and not to be afraid of difficult situations. Even if you might get burnt or injured a couple of times when you are dealing with hard situations, just believe that this is the experience you need in order to awaken the strength in you.

No matter how difficult the situations might be, never give up because God never gives up on you. Though it may seem hard to tame the strong beast inside you, you have the power to make it submit to you.

Be optimistic in the situations, keep going at it and have the faith that God will give you the strength that you need at the right time. Sometimes enlightenment will only come when you let go of things and when you don’t push so hard.

This is when new paths are opened and new things come. And these are some of the important meanings that you may want to take note of.

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