The Sun is also known as the Lord of Fire of the World or Le Soleil. The Sun brings on light after the darkness and peace after wars. This is one of the Tarot cards that symbolizes reliability and consistency because it will rise everyday in the morning no matter what kind of situations you are in or what kind of problems you may still have.

The Sun’s Story

The Fool comes to a bright place which the ship has brought him to. There are all sort of flowers, especially those colorful ones surrounding the place and he sees the bright Sun rising above him and shining on him.

It’s a day with sunshine and light. The Fool hears someone calling him and then he sees a girl looking at him. The girl runs to the Fool after she enjoy the place with those fragrant flowers. Then the girl started to ask the Fool a lot of things, like how do flowers grow and bloom, why they exists in garden and grass and of course why they fall.

While the Fool had fun with the girl, he looks up at the huge Sun and smile, feeling that it’s a bright and fresh day that he really misses for quite a while. Throughout his spiritual journey, the Fool has experienced trials, fear, confusion, amazement, illusions, and discouragement but now he feels so happy, refresh and rejuvenated.

The girl and the Fool play games and sing songs together until when the Fool asks the child what’s her name and where does she come from. The girl knocks her head and didn’t answer him, until she becomes one of the sunlight rays. Then she spoke, “I shine brightly and I’m always with you”.

The words from the girl gave the Fool new energy and warmth his heart. The Fool then come to realize that all of the things which include the sky, child, flowers and the Sun are all with him and surrounding him all the while, never left him. He then saw himself in those things.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The Sun

Now you have gone pass the Moon’s barrier and come into the light. It’s time for peace and love and you ought to be happy that light has come into your life and eliminate the darkness.

The Tarot meanings for the Sun is about glory, light, positivity, truth, victory, clarity and energy. While the Moon symbolizes dreams and illusions, the Sun gives the Querent a wide awake and conscious day.

The Sun is very powerful and reliable as nothing can prevent sunrise and sunset. Although there may be clouds and rain, the Sun will always be there and will shine the light on us when it breaks through the darkness. When there’s a challenge or problem, the Sun will wait for an opportunity to reveal its light to us.

The Sun can have many meanings and the most related ones are happiness, completion, success, stability and positivity. If the Querent is waiting for a child, the Sun Tarot card may also suggest that the birth of a baby may be nearing.

You can enjoy the period of light after light and success keeps coming if you know how to seek for and use your spiritual energy. Your energy can be as glowing as the light of the Sun which is strong and powerful.

This Tarot card also means that everything is in place, things going according to what you want and stuffs which are previously blurred become clear. Basically, it seems like this is the day you have been waiting for. You can actually get more explanations from the Lotus Tarot.

The career that you have been looking for comes to you, the love that you always wanted finds you and the financial problems which you always have are now dissolved. Bad people and things seem to get lesser and everywhere you go is met with kindness.

If you have darkness and poor spirit inside you, the light of the Sun will shine into the darkness so that it’s filled with brightness again. Fears are drove away and confusions are all eliminated with the rays of the Sun.

When a situation seems hopeless with no solutions, this is a time where the Sun shines on the path, guide you and lead you to the solutions. If the Sun appears, grasp its power, do not let go and let its shine manifest you.

Sun is created by God to give you hope and light, just like how he saves people from darkness and gives them a new way of life.

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