The World is also known as Great One of Night of Time or Le Monde. The World is the final gateway or the last level of existence. The physical journey ends and the eternal spiritual journey begins.

The World’s Story

The Fool finds himself back at the place he started, at the cliff where he almost jumped down. Now he looks to take his last step. He is really foolish when he is young and didn’t know which is the right path to take.

In the past, he thought that he can learn everything all by himself and not depending on the Holy savior. He thought that his body is living on its own without his spirit. But he realizes it is all wrong as the spiritual, body and mind are all connected in one. Moreover, he now knows that the past will bring consequences to the eternal future and he can’t escape from that.

With everything in place, the Fool closes his eyes and fell asleep on the cliff. He looks happy and blessed on his face while he is asleep. There, his spirit rises higher to somewhere the world can see. It’s the beginning of an end and the Fool has finally completed his journey.

Complete Tarot Card Meanings of The World

This World Tarot card symbolizes unity and creation of the Universe. The Dancer in the image of the card means that there’s the Mother and it’s the gateway to eternal life after death. It’s a complete cycle.

This Tarot card tells the Querent he’s going to see the results of his hard work very soon and it will bring success and joy to him. It also tells you that you are able to become an expert in the area that you are into and become popular in it. The card may also mean that a long term relationship is going to bloom, with a marriage at sight. The Tarot card meanings for the world also translate to joy, happiness, completeness and satisfaction.

Each cause brings its effects and the effects are what you have lived your life. It does not matter how much good or how much bad you have done in the past, it’s about whether have you reborn and see the gate of heaven. The new world is a place for you to enjoy the fruits that you have reborn and a place for you to use your wisdom for the good.

Although the physical journey has ended, the spiritual journey or the journey of the spirit never ends. New spiritual journey will start and it will last forever or in short eternal.  The cycle is never ending and that’s where spirit lives.

The World card tells you that a level or a cycle of your life ends and the next will begin. It may be a career, desire or expectation that is the past and you have to go along with the new direction and cycle.

When the World Tarot card appears, it tells you that you have completed something or have reached a level that you never experienced. From there, you have achieved something great, maybe not physically or worldly but mostly spiritually.

Now, put down whatever fears, worries, sadness, unhappiness or hatred you have currently because you won’t be able to see the beautiful world when all of those physical devils cover your sight and prevents you hearing clearly from the words of God. If you really want to have a world that is blessed with grace, stop looking at what you have or don’t have and just follow Jesus.

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